Back to Your Roots

Back to Your Roots Nature Retreat

Take the slow road during a 2-night stay at Bear Valley Highlands  and go back in time to learn about the simple things in life.

Dates:  by request

Tuition: $280 + GST          Accommodation:  $180 (including all meals) at Bear Valley Highlands

Bring a Friend! and receive a 15% discount on your registration.


1. Plant Walk and Lake Canoeing with Charles

Charles will take us on a morning hike to explore the rich kingdom of plants – how to identify them, how to use them, and ultimately, deepen our relationship with the natural world.
On Bear Valley’s private 7-acre lake, we will re-discover the canoe; an age-old mode of travel.  Our paddling session will include stroke instruction, manoeuvres, safety topics and rescue techniques. Charles will share his tips and tricks for experiencing the incredible freedom that wilderness canoeing has to offer.  More about Charles Ruechel.

2. Basket-making with Anneh – the ‘Willow Bender’

Anneh has been making willow baskets for the last 12 years. Recently she started incorporating bulrush, birch bark, cedar bark, driftwood and clay pottery into her basket adventures. She will guide us through the rewarding process of making a simple, beautiful gathering basket.  More about Anneh Kessels.

3. Cheese-making, bread-making, goat-milking!  and hosted by Barbara

Barbara has been living off-grid with her family at Bear Valley Highlands for the past 10 years.  As an avid cook and gardener, she has nourished her family of 4 with her own slow foods such as fully-fermented doughs for bread, and cheese-making with her own goat’s milk.
She will show us how to make a simple cheese without the use of commercial cultures as well as different types of sourdough breads that are easy to incorporate into any lifestyle.  Lucky for us, she will also be our chef for delicious organic mealsMore about Barbara Fresz.

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