Weekend River Canoe Courses

Elements Adventure Company’s weekend river canoe courses are the perfect way to immerse yourself in the beauty and excitement of the river environment.  Find the ease of working with currents, refresh your strokes, and connect with the natural beauty that rivers have to offer.

The following canoe courses are designed for the beginner to the seasoned river paddler, are taught by Paddle Canada certified instructors, and are held on one of the many rivers near the Okanagan, BC.


Beginner – Currents and Saskatoons

$240/ per person

Learning the basics can help you get your whole family out on the water safely.

This 2-day introduction to river canoeing is for you if you want to progress your paddling from the lake to the river environment.

At the end of this clinic, you will:

  • be able to identify hazards on the river
  • feel comfortable with using the essential safety equipment that is needed on a river
  • be familiar with the properties of moving water
  • be able to use the fundamental river-paddling strokes to navigate across currents, and,
  • know how to choose a section of river that matches the abilities of your family or paddling group.

Prerequisites – some basic lake canoeing experience is recommended, or with consent from the instructor.  Minimum age is 16, or with instructor consent.

Beginner Clinic Dates


Intermediate – Manoeuvres and Mergansers

$240/ per person

Did you know you could “carve” a turn in a canoe?  This 2-day clinic is a great way to prepare for your own wilderness adventure, or take your river-paddling to the next level.

By the end of the clinic you will:

  • know how to turn a canoe without making paddle strokes – or Jedi mind control!
  • know the names of common river features
  • be able to navigate class 2 (or higher) water confidently with your paddle partner

Prerequisites – Beginner clinic or equivalent.  Minimum age is 16, or with consent of instructor.

Intermediate Clinic Dates


Advanced – Wave Trains and Back Pains

$260/ per person

Ever wonder how some people can make that move in one or two paddle strokes, and you need to work your butt off to make it happen?  Our advanced clinics will unlock the river’s secrets to making your boat glide effortlessly across currents and into that hard-to-catch eddy pool.  These 2-day clinics are an exciting way to increase your confidence in grade 3 whitewater or if you intend to lead others on river trips.

Prerequisites – Intermediate clinic or equivalent.  Minimum age is 18, or with consent of instructor.

Advanced Clinic Dates

  • Sept 16 & 17


Solo Whitewater Canoeing

The solo whitewater canoeing lessons are the perfect match for intermediate paddlers looking for customized instruction.

$240/ per person
Our 2-day solo canoeing courses are the perfect, safe environment to increase your confidence in whitewater.  Learn how to eliminate those pesky friction strokes and glide across river features.  Intermediate moving- water tandem canoeing skills required.

We are thrilled to have talented guest-instructor, Ryan Lemphers – a Paddle Canada instructor-trainer from Alberta- teach our solo whitewater canoeing program this spring.


2017 Course Dates

  • NEW!!  September 14, 2017 – Intermediate-level solo whitewater canoeing clinic ($150 tuition)


Weekend Cost Per Person For All River Canoe Courses

The cost for these 2-day weekend canoeing lessons is $240 + tax per person with the exception of advanced courses, which includes instruction, and the transport to the river from the Vernon Tourist Information Center at 3004 – 39th avenue, downtown Vernon.  Please note, courses may be cancelled with a week’s notice without the minimum number of participants for a full refund.

DISCOUNTS: 10% for groups of 3-5; 15% for 6 or more. No individual payments please.

REGISTRATION only valid if accompanied by a deposit of $60/weekend (non-refundable or transferable within 7 days of course date). Balance due 7 days prior to course start. No refunds within 7 days of course start.

Equipment Rentals

   CANOE    Canoe Paddle $10
   Tandem $25    Helmet $10
    Solo $35    Lifevest $10
   Wetsuit $20
   Small Dry Bag $5
   Large Dry-bag or Barrel $10

Prices are for the weekend, per person. All prices are subject to applicable taxes.



Clinics are usually held on various sections of the Upper, Middle, or Lower Shuswap River.  Please contact us for more information or to register.

See Paddle Canada’s Canoe Skill Levels here if you are interested in skill level certification.


Need a great place to stay while attending a course, or in advance of an expedition? Please see our list of highly recommended local accommodations here.