River Selection for “4 Rivers in 4 Days”

Our “4 Rivers in 4 Days” is a popular trip where we explore four of BC’s top interior rivers during 4 days. This page provides more information on each specific river.

What is “4 Rivers in 4 Days”? Find out here!

River Selection – Four sections will be chosen from the following rivers:


The Coldwater drains the high country of the Coquihalla Summit and the rolling hills to the east of Merritt before joining the Nicola.

It winds it way gently back and forth through a valley surprisingly rich with wildlife: bears, deer and even moose are not uncommon sights here. Investigate the charms of a river hidden in plain sight!



Tucked away near Otter Lake, this is a hidden gem that few people get to explore.

As it rushes down to join the Similkameen River at Princeton, the Tulameen offers many exciting challenges with its sharp twists and fun drops.

Visit a land steeped in history where miners and fur traders have walked before with the ghost town of Coalmont and the Hudson’s Bay Company Brigade trail.




Flowing through Princeton, the Similkameen River is a paddler’s paradise with smooth granite boulders that send the river tumbling and turning around each new bend.

Cruise along and soak up the valley’s good vibes, then test your mettle at the rapids of Golden Dawn and Stemwinder.

Cedar trees arch out over the river and the golden light of the Okanagan glints over the eastern horizon each morning in this warm and dry valley. You won’t want to leave!




Welcome to the wild west of BC where you can easily imagine looking up to see a cowboy or two perched on the ridge above.

The Nicola winds its way through the rugged beauty of interior grasslands that give way to steep mountain sides of Ponderosa pine forest dotted with rocky outcrops and hoodoos.

The Nicola is a fast-flowing river as it hurries to meet the Thompson and its braids and rock gardens will keep you on your toes all day.



A truly mighty river, the Thompson is a major tributary to the Fraser and a great place to experience the power and majesty of paddling big water!

Follow this ancient highway and hear the stories of Shuswap people, explorers, pioneers, and the great iron roads that forged a nation.

Large eddies and wave trains will thrill you while stunning big-sky vistas of the Thompson valley will reveal a new side to BC’s geography.

 Clearwater River

This white-water Mecca is known for its namesake crystal clear water as it flows out of stunning Wells Gray Provincial Park and into the North Thompson River. Huge volcanic cliffs loom above, laden with moss, lichen and the dense telltale foliage of a moist interior wet belt as little waterfalls tumble in to join the flow of the Clearwater River. Layers of volcanic rock interspersed with granite ledges form river features rarely found in Southern BC.   There are plenty of exciting rapids and surfing opportunities here that guarantee a smile on your face by the end of the day.



Short and sweet, the Adams River at the western edge of the Shuswap, flows through a diverse ecosystem of lush forest, teeming with life in and around the water.

It is known for its epic sockeye salmon run and opportunistic bull trout. Look down and you might just see some fish darting among the riffles as eagles and osprey glide above looking for an easy meal.

Warm, clear waters draining Adams Lake form a paddler’s playground that is both challenging but forgiving. This day of pool-and-drop rapids will test your skills and feed your need for excitement.


Middle Shuswap

One of the best-kept paddling secrets, the Middle Shuswap offers a rich diversity in ecology as well as paddling.

It flows through a unique region where you can find the Okanagan’s juniper and Ponderosa mingling with the Monashee’s towering Cedars, White Pines, and Hemlocks.

The river begins lively and fast as it winds its way through a steep, narrow valley until it makes the impressive plunge over Shuswap Falls.  It gradually slows after the falls and enters into a wide pastoral valley before emptying into the southernmost point of Mabel Lake.

Boasting the cleanest water at this latitude in North America, you will rarely need to share this gem of a river with another paddler.

North Thompson

Photo credit: Stephanie Molina

A crisp, swift river, the North Thompson provides many sections of class 1-3 whitewater, through rolling mountains and pastoral countryside.

We use diverse sections of this river to tune up our paddling skills while getting used to new boats and paddling partners.  In the fall it is not uncommon to see bears, salmon, eagles, and even sandhill cranes in the grassy meadows or towering cedars along this picturesque river.

What is “4 Rivers in 4 Days”? Find out here!