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river clean-up in our community

River clean-up day!

We are committed to clean water and healthy riparian ecosystems!

After an exciting season of paddling local waterways, we like to give thanks for our passage by  “putting the river to bed” for the winter.  Each fall, we organize a river cleanup on a stretch of shoreline.  From the seat of a kayak or canoe, we have a unique ability to be able to clean up a very long stretch of river in one day.  Please join us for a social day of doing something good for our community.

Some river-paddling experience or taking a paddling clinic is highly recommended before participating.  BONUS: Participants of a river cleanup receive a 10% savings on tuition for their next course with our Paddling School IN ADDITION to a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

Find reports here:

Upcoming 2022 River Clean-up