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Circus Arts, Canoeing and Yoga Retreat

Thriving by Design.  Connected by Nature.

Elements Adventure Co designs and delivers the ultimate retreat experience for corporate leadership by combining 3 unique activities; Whitewater Canoeing, Circus Arts, and Yoga.   Led by pioneers in their professions, Charles Ruechel, Alvin Tam, and Jada Tam bring over 30 years of combined experience of facilitating leadership courses, retreats, and outdoor education.


Why Circus Arts, Yoga, and Wilderness Canoeing?

Rarely are we put in situations where true collaboration and teamwork are a means to success.  Circus arts and whitewater canoeing require focus, teamwork, and precise communication in order to achieve a rewarding and safe experience.  We step away from competition, and play with what is possible when people bring individual creativity to a common goal.corporate retreats

Yoga and meditation bring awareness to our thoughts, mindfulness to our actions, and appreciation for the body that moves us.  This is an important piece to integrate all the new experiences of this retreat.

Elements of our Corporate Retreats:

  • a balance of ‘in-breath’ and ‘out-breath’ activities to allow for exciting challenges and inner reflection.
  • drawing connections between circus arts, yoga, and canoeing and integrating lessons back into the workplace
  • wilderness in its pure and most natural form creates the space and inspiration for personal growth
  • an evening of creativity – one of the most valuable pieces of our retreats – treat yourself to an hour or more of focused time to create….
  • simple, yet gourmet – local, organic food prepared by one of the Okanagan’s best chefs to nourish the body and mind
  • nature education to establish our place in the natural world
  • leadership and teamwork classes to learn about ourselves
  • opportunities for connection and camaraderie for building new relationships and deepening existing ones.

Connect with nature, connect with others, connect with yourself.

Your Venue

outdoor adventure corporate retreatBear Valley Highlands – the true ‘getaway’ in the clouds with spectacular views of the Monashee, a private lake, cozy cabins, a Mongolian yurt, Sioux-stle Tipi, and fine dining to fuel your experience.

incredible dining at corporate retreat BC



Fabulous dining with mountain views.


What Others Say…

“The unique thing for me was that I expected an outdoor retreat – but we ended up having a Circue-du-Soleil style experience. It was something that took the experience from great – to “once in a lifetime” for me.”

“Our team bonded, and I expected to – but I didn’t expect to form deep friendships with Jada, Alvin and Charles, three remarkable people in their own right that absolutely became part of our group.”

“This is not your typical retreat. It will challenge you to do things outside the box, things you might not typically be comfortable with, or comfortable with doing in front of your peers and your friends, but you’ll be amazed at how much closer this retreat will bring you.”

“If you have a good retreat at the beginning of the year, your year is set! You know that every time you have your monthly meeting, your people will go in there and give it their all.”

Book Your Retreat

Corporate retreats help build excellent relationships and increase creativity – not only in the workplace, but also in families.  A corporate retreat is an investment in your business and in people.

Allow Elements Adventure Co to design a custom retreat experience for your private group.