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Wild Mushroom Tours

2022 Dates – to be announced in July/August 2022:

We hold our mushroom tours in the autumn when there is  a large selection of varieties to identify.  We do not offer spring tours (we’re busy in the spring canoeing on the lakes and rivers!)

Our mushroom tour dates will be released in late July/early August each year when we have a better idea of what the autumn mushroom season might look like.  Each year differs, but you can anticipate tour dates in late September to end of October (ish) depending on rainfall and temperature.

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Lepista nuda, or Blewit, near Lumby, BC

Clitocybe nuda, or Blewit, near Lumby, BC


Whether you’re a modern day druid, an edible wild mushroom connoisseur, or just enjoy an autumn walk in the woods, come out for a day of wild-mushroom hunting in the Okanagan.  As an introduction to mushroom identification, we will visit two local organic farms to find some of the more common, delectable species, and then head out into the wild forests of the Monashee.

Our wild mushroom tours are held in the autumn every year depart Vernon at 9 am and return by 5 pm.

Please note, this is not a mushroom picking tour, but a great way to learn the basics about mushrooms, and how to use an identification guidebook.



Tour Cost Per Person

$75 plus GST.  For children aged 5-10, cost is $20 per child.  FREE for children 4 and under.

DISCOUNTS: 10% for groups of 3-5; 15% for 6 or more. No individual payments please.

REGISTRATION only valid if accompanied by full payment, which is due within 7 days of tour date.

SCHEDULE – meet in Vernon at 9:00 am and return by 5:00 pm. Participants will travel in their own vehicles at this time.



The aromatic Woodland Agaricus or, Agaricus silvicola.


Golden Pholiota or, Pholiota aurivella near Echo Lake BC

Private Tours

Private mushroom tours can be arranged for your school group, family, work colleagues, or other group! Please contact us for a quote.

Don’t forget to bring your camera for these photogenic fungi!


red poisonous mushroom

Amanita muscaria, mid-August, Peel River, Yukon Territory


Shaggy Parasol mushroom. With the right education, harvesting fall’s bounty is a great activity to do with kids.