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Welcome to Elements Paddling – interior British Columbia’s 1st Canoeing School!

paddling school instructor charles ruechel

Paddling School instructor Charles Ruechel briefing the students.

There is so much more to canoeing than just learning how to paddle a boat.  We strive to make each course a rich outdoor experience that leaves each person feeling confident on the water and connected to the natural environment they are playing in. 

We offer a variety of canoeing lessons and courses suitable to any level of canoeing fan, from Beginner to Advanced, lake to whitewater, tandem, solo, and Big Canoe.  Come see for yourself how canoeing is for anyone – accessible to the young, young-at-heart, families, kids, athletes, and thrill-seekers.

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If you’d like to learn more about any of our courses or programs, we’d love to hear from you! Please contact us.

Why Use Our Paddling School?

  1. Incredible Coaches. Taking a canoeing course will give you access to some of the best canoeing instructors in Canada.  Our instructors are certified though Paddle Canada and the Recreational Canoe Association of British Columbia, offering world-class instruction and content.  These individuals have spent plenty of time on the river and lakes, and understand how to read it, teach it, and help you explore your potential. Learn More About Our Team
  2. Start Out Safely. Whitewater paddling is becoming an increasingly desired component of outdoor adventure seekers’ activities. If you’re lucky enough to reside near a lake or a river, canoeing is an excellent way to explore your backyard and spend time outdoors. A lesson will get you started in the right way, allowing you to understand necessary equipment, paddling strokes, rescue skills and paddling safety for yourself, friends and family.  We want to empower you to get out on the water and back to shore again safely. Come for a weekend course, paddle for a lifetime!!

If you’re considering canoeing in BC, be sure to check our courses.


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