Pre-Course for Tandem River Canoeing

NEW in 2021!

Tuition $130 per person + GST

Who takes this course?

The Pre-Course for tandem river canoeing is designed for experienced lake paddlers wanting to attend a Level 1 Tandem River Canoeing Skills Course.  Those completely new to canoeing are recommended to take a Lake Water Canoeing course. $30 of your course tuition may be put towards the Level 1 Tandem River Canoeing Skills Course.  Rentals are not included.


Course Overview

This Pre-Course is held on a lake near Vernon, BC, and is intended to build a foundation of skills for river-paddling strokes, boat-control, turning manoeuvres, and rescue practice. On this course you will develop basic knowledge of canoes, gear, and outfitting required for the river environment.   This course is mandatory before taking a Level I Tandem River Canoeing Skills Course (or equivalent experience).


Practicing canoe over canoe rescues

At the end of this canoeing course you will also be able to:

  • be ready to translate the skills and manoeuvres to moving water
  • have good boat control paddling both bow and stern
  • feel confident getting in and out of the canoe in deep water
  • rescuing other canoes on flat water



Lake Canoeing experience, ability to swim with a PFD (life jacket) as well as comfort in and around water.  Minimum age is 16, or with instructor consent.


Rental Equipment Fees

  • Tandem Canoe ($25 per person)
  • PFD ($10)
  • Paddle ($5)
  • Wetsuit (Farmer john/jane style) ($10)


2021 Moving Water Pre-Course Dates 

  • April 11
  • May 23
  • Sept 4
  • upon request