Louise Lawrence
Louise Lawrence
I took Amandas 3 hr-Wild Mushroom tour at Mabel Lake as a total beginner. I soon realized that there was alot to identifying mushrooms and she was very thorough in educating the group on the various types grown in our area and what we need to look for. I now have noticed myself being more observant and being able to identify some of the mushrooms I come across on my hikes. Great way to get started on a mushroom awareness journey.
Odete Pinho
Odete Pinho
Elements Adventure is an impressive company, with skilled guides. I appreciate the depth of local knowledge and care the guides have for being good stewards of watercourses. My positive experience is based on a trip in the Middle Shuswap River.
Jennie Barron
Jennie Barron
I had a real adventure on the Four Rivers trip in June! Going through the Adams River Canyon in an unplanned way (backwards, after losing my paddle!) was scary at the moment, though now I can say it was exhilarating because I knew it was safe, or the guides wouldn't have sent us down that "burly Class 3" rapid. As always with Elements, the guides were very professional and fun, the food delicious, and the whole trip super well organized and executed. I loved hearing a Secwepmec story. Thank you Charles, Kieran, Matt, and Ana! I will be back :)
Ian Malcolm
Ian Malcolm
I'm just back from Elements Adventure Company's Kootenay River trip, July 16th-23rd 2023, full of praise for the expert planning and leadership provided by Guides Scott and Jean-Francois, along with Intern Ana, and for the beauty of the river itself. Scott's knowledge helped us all run the many braids and rapids of the upper Vermilion and Kootenay with skill and confidence, and navigate the Hector Gorge with efficient safety. The crew's organization of each day's camp gave the group ample time for group conversations and private moments - and the meals were delicious throughout the trip. As a person who's always been on self-directed canoe trips in the past, I was really pleased to experience the extra degree of relaxation and pleasure made possible on this trip by the warmth, skill, and leadership of Scott, JF, and Ana. Thanks so much!
Carol Sakamoto
Carol Sakamoto
Arriving back home and reviewing the experience all we can say is "wow"! The Four Rivers in Four Days Canoe Trip is a great way to get out on the river and work on improving paddling skills with very knowledgeable and friendly guides. It's also more than the activity of paddling, it's being in the outdoors to get an all encompassing experience with stories, history, and geography of the rivers paddled. Just a great time and a captivating experience. Dave & Carol
Vikki Haines
Vikki Haines
Absolutely top notch education, professionalism, adventure and fun with this outfit, every time.
Paul Shipley
Paul Shipley
I was feeling pretty lucky when I saw that there was an advanced river rescue course being held just an hour from where I live. I had last taken a formal swiftwater rescue course over three decades ago, and was looking forward to refreshing and updating my knowledge and skills. What I received however, was considerably better than that. The Elements Adventures team prepared a packed weekend, both on and off the river, of learning. They were highly professional, highly competent, and super supportive throughout the weekend. They set up an excellent progression from practicing skills in highly controlled environments through surprise scenarios on the river that required communication, teamwork, and use of the skills just practiced. The debrief sessions after the scenarios were supportive and instructional, and left all of the participants feeling both valued and enriched. I left the course with a number of things that I will do differently than I've done over many decades of paddling, and some good new friends that I look forward to seeing again on the river. I highly recommend the Elements Adventure team for any course or guided trip.
Bob from BC
Bob from BC
2023 Update After a terrific course last year I did the basic solo river course this year. Same terrific experience, same well run operation. This company has very strong instructors supported by a stable of experienced co instructors. You will not go wrong with team. 2022 This is an exceptionally well run program. I was looking for practical solutions to possible challenges faced while tripping in remote locations with fully loaded boats. The Level 1 River Recuse class delivered 100% for me. Charles is is a gifted instructor and a real pleasure to learn with. I would recommend this company to anyone looking top quality skills training.
Ross McDonald
Ross McDonald
I have done multiple courses and paddling trips with Elements, over a period of several years. I could not recommend the company and its employees more highly
George Burns
George Burns
While planning and preparing for a wilderness river canoe trip, I figured I had best get some good training and experience under my belt. I couldn't have chosen a better outfit than Elements Adventures to help me improve my paddling skills and knowledge. I have just attended my second moving water course with Elements. I did the Tandem Level 1Moving Water course in June 2022 and Level 2 in April 2023. Both courses were very well run. Elements has excellent instructors and equipment and the beautiful, clean, clear Shuswap River provides numerous, varied and challenging river features where one can safely learn and practice canoeing skills. I would encourage anyone interested in canoeing to get in touch with Elements Adventures and take one of their Moving Water courses. It will up your skills and knowledge considerably and make you a better and safer canoeist. George Burns New Hazelton, B.C.

So wonderful to work with


Thank you for the additional resources. One thing that struck me was how everyone involved in our experience linked us to additional resources to help us continue our own paddling development afterwards.

You, Karl, and Sarah were all so wonderful to work with. Thank you from both of us! I work in the service industry as well, and I just want to highlight some things about our experience.

You were prompt with updates, great with questions, and forwarded our needs and info to the instructors seamlessly. Your out of office was on when you went on vacation, so I knew when to expect a response. I was a little nervous to pay by E-transfer instead of credit card, but you confirmed receipt quickly. You even read closely to know it was my birthday! Thank you!

Karl was knowledgeable, attentive, funny, professional, and hands-on. He also knows how to explain things multiple different ways. He made a plan to ensure that [Maria] and I were both challenged in ways that upgraded both our partnership, and our individual skills. We are so thankful for his leadership, experience and mentorship. Please pass it on.

Sarah was also attentive, funny, professional and hands on. She was knowledgeable about canoeing, but also very knowledgeable about people, which is what we were particularly thankful for from her. She spent one on one time with [Marie] and was able to give personalized insights to improve her J-stroke and sweep when she was struggling, while being very relatable. [Marie] is more excited than ever about improving her paddling. Sarah’s perspective was calming and healing in a natural way. We are so thankful for her insight and mentorship. Please pass on to her as well.


G.B. Surrey, BC

Out of our comfort zones but loved it

Hi Charles, just wanted to send you a bit of feedback from this weekend.  I am sure you have heard from Timo and Karl.  Our group thought the weekend was amazing.  Timo and Karl are great instructors and brought different elements to the course.  We learned so much about canoeing, ourselves and our group.  All of us were out of our comfort zones but loved it.

We got information from the guys about doing trips, how to position ourselves on the river and especially how to get into and out of the flow of the river.  This was a big concern for us before this weekend.  Now we feel comfortable and can do these maneuvers although not perfect!!

Thank you so much.  We would highly recommend your company.


P. Hoeschle, Kelowna, BC

Tight Ship

I had a great time on the course and learned a lot. Both Rowan and Timo are top notch instructors and they gave everyone in our group great instruction , feedback , encouragement and praise throughout our 2 days of paddling. They challenged us and increased our confidence on the water. I know everyone who took the course is now a better canoeist.

And lastly, a tip of the hat to you and Charles. You run a tight ship.

G. Burns, New Hazelton BC

We felt safe and supported

During the Kootenay Couple’s Retreat, we felt safe and supported among like-minded people, all of whom had a real desire to develop stronger ties with their partners.

I believe we all became better “paddlers” as a result.

K. Dunn, Penticton, BC

Highlight of our year

This (Couples Adventure Retreat) trip was the highlight of our year and I would highly recommend it to any outdoorsy couple!

D. Leidl, Vernon, BC

A wonderful bonding experience for our employees.

I felt the need to reach out and thank you again for the great weekend. We all chatted about the level of instruction that was offered by you and your team, and agreed that it was second to none.

You and your crew were very supportive as we dumped, spun, squealed, and sometimes cursed our way down the river 🙂 Everyone had a great time. It was a wonderful bonding experience for our employees, and it won’t soon be forgotten.

A. Thompson, Vernon, BC

Opportunity for growth, learning and pushing limits.

Thank you Charles!

These 4 days were an amazing experience and opportunity for growth, learning and pushing limits.  You are exceptionally good at what you do and we feel very fortunate to have been guided by you and Keiran.

L. & H. Brunns, Mara, BC

I was blown away!

I just wanted to thank you again for the great day we had yesterday with you sharing your knowledge about the mushroom kingdom. I thought that I had “some “ knowledge about mushrooms but was totally blown away by the diversity we have.  We saw yesterday probably more different kind of mushrooms than in our whole life.

C. Schuett, Kelowna, BC

The group dynamic was phenomenal!

Thank-you so much for inviting me on to the river this past weekend! I appreciate what a special opportunity it was to have Leonard lead our group and to have you and Kieran assist Leonard and provide your expertise and leadership. The group dynamic was phenomenal. I respect how special this weekend was, despite my novice status. I always felt comfortable and well supported by the group and I am excited about taking my river skills to another level with you in 2019!  Thanks again for inviting me and creating these amazing life experiences!

G. Sharpe, Vernon, BC

I learnt so much!

We really loved the paddling course; thank you for your thoughtful, considerate and informed teaching. I learnt so much from attending the course.

J. Corbett, Vernon, BC

What an excellent role model

You are such a great teacher, mentor and guide for these kids….  what an excellent role model for them all.  That was fun, and thanks again.

Reid, Earthquest Outdoor School, Vernon, BC

I still get a huge smile

Thank you for such an amazing trip. I still get a huge smile when I tell stories to my friends and family and everybody has commented that I “have a peacefulness about me” that wasn’t there before.

C. MacLeod, Kimberley, BC, 2017 Upper Stikine River Expedition.

The best trip of my lifetime!

I want to thank you again for an amazing time on the Stikine. It was really the best trip of my lifetime! I felt challenged every day but always completely confident that I was never put in a situation that was over my head. I’ll never forget it!

H. Sawatzky, Kelowna, BC, 2017 Upper Stikine River Expedition.

This trip was nothing but FUN!

The trip was fantastic. The children loved every bit of it and were exhausted by the time they got back.

Charles, we all thank you very much for this fantastic experience and opportunity. You are a great host, you show a lot of kindness and knowledge and the children were very comfortable around you.

And I leave you with a quote from one of the students: “This trip is nothing but FUN!

Thank you again,


K. Seymour - Cedarbridge School teacher, Grade 4/5 class canoe trip

The kids couldn’t stop talking about the trip!

The kids had a blast and couldn’t stop talking about the trip on Friday.  I thought everything was well planned and organized. You really made my life so easy!

We will never forget the adventures we had with you and Karl! The kids are in the process of writing you both letters, so please look in the mail for those soon.

Thank you so much for everything!

Caitlin Malone, Kelowna Waldorf School teacher, Grade 5/6 class canoe trip

I feel very fortunate to learn from you

I cannot thank you enough for the instruction on Sunday. I feel more confident each time I am on the river and the group was great. You are a very patient instructor with the ability to notice how your students are progressing with helpful insights and encouragements along the way. I feel very fortunate to learn from you.”

R. Morris, Vernon, BC


I cannot express enough how fantastic your [Wild Mushroom] tour was. Such an important service you are doing for everyone but especially for the fungi.

M. DeLaurier, Kelowna BC

Our strongest recommendation goes to Charles himself

In July, 2015 my partner Johanna and I travelled 280 km on the Upper Stikine River as part of a group of paddlers led by Charles. Following this rewarding experience Johanna and I heartily recommend Charles, the owner and founder of Elements Adventures.

Charles diligently prepared for this lengthy trip. Food, camping preparation, river safety, paddling equipment, canoes and travel arrangements were excellent because of his thoughtful and careful preparation.

However, our strongest recommendation goes to Charles himself. He is not only very knowledgeable on the river and an excellent teacher, but his interpersonal skills, perception and empathy created a warm and cohesive paddling group from diverse strangers.

We had a great time!

Malcolm Jones

Great instructor and confidence builder!

Thanks for the great weekend river-canoeing clinic – I feel I have come a long way. You are a great instructor and confidence builder.

Dan Watson, Vernon BC

An immensely enjoyable adventure!

The Stikine River canoe trip was an immensely enjoyable adventure in the pristine Spatsizi wilderness! We learned so much from this experience, from little tips and tricks shared to deepened perspectives on the world and our place in it; our lives have been enriched as a result.

We were impressed by the extent of the planning and preparation that you had clearly put in to organizing all of the logistics required to make this trip the success that it was. The meals that you provided were all delicious, well thought out and nutritious. All of the Elements Adventures canoeing and camp equipment was reliable and of high quality.

As well as being a great expedition leader, you were an excellent travel partner; we felt safe, encouraged and valued and also had tremendous fun. Your positivity helped foster a sense of togetherness and friendship within the group. It was wonderful to paddle every day with you and our fellow canoeists – like minded people with their own unique perspectives, knowledge and willingness to pitch in and share. We will never forget our time canoeing, hiking and camping along the Stikine River!

Thank you Charles!

Aidan Negus, Vernon, BC

There wasn’t a question that Charles couldn’t answer!

My husband and I have always paddled lakes, being a bit intimidated by rivers.  We’d heard great things about Charles and decided to sign up for his introduction to river paddling course.  Charles exceeded our expectations. The day started out with some topographic map orientation, an explanation on best features of a river canoe, how to tie a useful knot, and a discussion on geography/hydrology of our area. Then, Charles gently introduced us to different techniques on boat maneuvering in currents and eddies, proper paddling positions for propulsion and rest, and even how to enter the boat after capsizing it. The pace was great and there wasn’t a question that Charles couldn’t answer. The day ended with a meaningful reading that summed up why as humans we benefit from these outdoor experiences.  You will not regret one minute or one penny spent on this workshop!!  Loved it….thanks Charles!

Kerry and Tom Carlson, Vernon BC

Amazing end of school year trip

Charles took my Grade 5/6/7 Class on an amazing canoe trip at the end of our school year.  Every student in my class thought it was the highlight of their year.  The overnight trip was a dream.  It was relaxing, well paced and yet, still full of adventure!  Charles was thoughtful, warm and highly organized.  I felt we were in good hands the entire trip.

During our time with Charles, we worked together to learn new paddling skills.  We learned to cooperate, to stay as a group and manage our canoes.  We searched for delicate forest flowers and wild mushrooms.  We listened to each other, sharing stories in a circle.  We listened in silence, to the wind and the water.  We witnessed with awe, ancient cave drawings and of course, we practiced the art, science and joy of paddling.

Thank you for this wonderful way to explore ourselves and unify our class!


Rubeena Sandhu, Grade 6 Teacher, Cedarbridge School

A perfect day!

The course was beautiful and matched our abilities perfectly.  We were provided with enough preparation, skill and guidance to fully enjoy the day.  Idyllic!

Emily Hladych, Lumby BC