Elements Adventure Company in Vernon, BC was established in 2013 and is owned and operated by Charles Ruechel, your host and lead canoe instructor.
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What Others Say…

testimonialThere wasn’t a question that Charles couldn’t answer!

My husband and I have always paddled lakes, being a bit intimidated by rivers. We’d heard great things about Charles and decided to sign up for his introduction to river paddling course. Charles exceeded our expectations. The day started out with some topographic map orientation, an explanation on best features of a river canoe, how to tie a useful knot, and a discussion on geography/hydrology of our area. Then, Charles gently introduced us to different techniques on boat maneuvering in currents and eddies, proper paddling positions for propulsion and rest, and even how to enter the boat after capsizing it. The pace was great and there wasn’t a question that Charles couldn’t answer. The day ended with a meaningful reading that summed up why as humans we benefit from these outdoor experiences. You will not regret one minute or one penny spent on this workshop!! Loved it….thanks Charles!

Kerry and Tom Carlson, Vernon BC

testimonialAn immensely enjoyable adventure!

The Stikine River canoe trip was an immensely enjoyable adventure in the pristine Spatsizi wilderness! We learned so much from this experience, from little tips and tricks shared to deepened perspectives on the world and our place in it; our lives have been enriched as a result.

We were impressed by the extent of the planning and preparation that you had clearly put in to organizing all of the logistics required to make this trip the success that it was. The meals that you provided were all delicious, well thought out and nutritious. All of the Elements Adventures canoeing and camp equipment was reliable and of high quality.

As well as being a great expedition leader, you were an excellent travel partner; we felt safe, encouraged and valued and also had tremendous fun. Your positivity helped foster a sense of togetherness and friendship within the group. It was wonderful to paddle every day with you and our fellow canoeists – like minded people with their own unique perspectives, knowledge and willingness to pitch in and share. We will never forget our time canoeing, hiking and camping along the Stikine River!

Thank you Charles!

Aidan Negus, Vernon, BC